True Internet of Things

By centralizing data in the Cloud, we provide a portfolio view into performance across all your buildings and deliver real-time data allowing you to immediately see the impact of the actions you take today.
Our Cloud Advantage
  • Never see a programmer, buy a computer or maintain software
  • You pay an annual SaaS fee; no expensive license or maintenance fees
  • All you need is an Internet connection

Energy performance

View actual consumption and cost data for electric, gas, water and other utilities.
  • Trends, variances, comparisons
  • Working knowledge of utility consumption today and over time
  • Rank and evaluate performance across systems and buildings


Real-time, analytics-powered alerts that identify performance issues you need to address now.
  • Static and proactive alerts
  • Prioritized by cost and other impacts
  • Easy to understand
  • Delivered to the right people at the right time using the right communication platform


Data-driven strategies to improve building performance without major capital investment.
  • Modeled savings targets for each strategy
  • Action items for effective strategy implementation
  • No-cost / low-cost focus
  • Reduce environmental impact


Track actual energy consumption and cost in realtime and compare to baselines and targets.
  • Validate progress and savings
  • See the financial impact of unrealized savings
  • Quantifiable data to refine strategies and reset priorities

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